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Sage Millwood, Director of Operations, Bryn Mawr, PA

We recently contracted with AMG for 2 of our garage locations. The transition from our old processor was seamless and we have been extremely pleased with AMG’s Client Care operations. The terminal downloads and parking hardware conversions were all handled by AMG enabling my staff to focus their attention on our clients.

Gary Pick, Finance Officer, Los Angeles, CA
Having worked with many merchant processors in the past, I really appreciated the time that Adam spent with me to better educate us on the pitfalls of the industry. It was the first time anyone had ever sat down to really explain things and provide us with the knowledge we needed to make the right decisions.

Terry Gilliam, CEO, Bethesda, MD
AMG´s commitment to customer service is fantastic. Having a personal customer service professional that really knows our business makes a huge difference.

Robert Kapp, CFO, New Brunswick, NJ
We met Michael at the 2010 New Jersey Parking Institute annual convention. His presentation on “An Education in Merchant Processing” was extremely informative and provided good insight into his industry. We have since worked closely with AMG to strategize on the optimal processing environment for our parking authority and have been extremely happy with their commitment to client service, knowledge of the industry and hands-on approach.


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