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  • Authorities in Complex Credit Processing

  • Simplified & Streamlined Processing

  • Variety of Enterprise Payment Options

  • Lowest Rates for B2B

  • Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

  • Automated Software Integration


AMG is one of the few payment processing solutions that is certified to process Level III Data, and we make the process as easy and efficient for you as possible. AMG identifies which transactions will benefit from adding Level III data and then prompts you to add additional information, thus reducing excessive data entry. Our solution also intelligently calculates and pre-populates Level III data fields, further reducing your data entry burden.

Adding Level III Data through your AMG account will help reduce the interchange fees on Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions. Level III Data is additional information about a transaction that is commonly found on an invoice. Visa® and MasterCard® generally charge a lower interchange rate for B2B and B2G transactions when Level III Data is included with the transaction.

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